Stomper Net and Mobile Marketing

Just got back, yea all the way back from downtown, to see Brad Fallon’s Stompernet Internet Marketing Seminar – Lots of good stuff, some of it informative, some of it sales pitchy, but hey guys got to make a buck right. I will tell you one cool little story. It was during a break and I am walking around waiting for them to open the doors and looking at peoples badges and shirts and stuff seeing what they do. I see this guy wearing a shirt they says Web Marketing Adviser, OK I say. So I go sit down to check email in the iphone and I see a google alert for Brad Fallon that just came in like three min ago. bradflallonstompernet.png So I am like hey some one is blogging about the event I am at so I click  the link and I look at who posted it and see Web Marketing Adviser and I am like wait did I just not see that shirt so turn around see the guy go up to him with my iphone and ask him are you Guy Levine, he says yes and a show him the alert and ask when did you do this? He tells me this morning – and it is on the first page of google. We have a big laugh. But I wonder what does this say for Google, Mobile Marketing and live events? Not sure but I thought it was pretty cool, Hey I can own the mobile marketing space – just got to figure out how.   

SMX West

Stopped in to SMW west for a day to see what was the dilly with Valley SEO scene. Got to meet some great guys like Matt Cutts Matt Cutts and Tom Biancoand learned some great info as well. Oh I met this Girl who the first person that gets the Centripetal Marketing thing
Tom and Roller Girl
 I also saw John Sharrod in the Beer Line at the Google Groove. He Showed us how to work the Google check out this Video …. As soon as i get it up, sorry 

Affilate Summit

Hanging at the affiliate summit, it is a lot more fun that those stuffy corporate gig’s I normally go go. Meet all kinds of great people like Joel Comm and Mike Rotkin of, He says he knows the 7 parts of the google algorithm, ok whatever that means. I love how people use different kinds of shwag and Marketing techniques to attract attention to there booths or there brand, Pens, Note Pads are common. Ticket-Master gave out ear plugs I thought that was good, Leah Muhlenfeld of had a great biz card, It’s plastic, pretty slicksnagajob.pngalthough if you did not remember who she was you were not paying attention.I also like the guys at affspy who have a neat little web app for affiliate marketers and the affspy girls. Good work guys affspyback affspyfront.Then there was the Super Affiliate Lab guys, no one knew what they did but how could you forget. Hey who won the Hummer?dsc01120.JPGHere was cool idea Anthony Gozzo of has a customer that uses second life to sell there costumes and he they threw a virtual hunted house. Hey how about virtual weddings. Hey cute lady bugdsc01138.JPG